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Poker Player as a Profession for the Future

Play Poker as a Full Time Job!

Since 2008 poker has reached a scale so large that 2 out of every 10 people have played or at least have heard of online poker. So the issue then arises of poker as a profession, will "playing online poker" be considered as a job?

The definition of work brings us to something that produces an asset to society, producing a fine based on a specific vocational training. Seeing the word work in the broad sense so we can then consider playing poker online or live as a profession because it involves the same aspects.

A professional poker player should have a training strategy game because we do not believe that there is a player who hasn´t had the proper training in order to have sucess, and the poker player produces a good and an asset to the society by producing entertainment and movement of capital.

Although legally it is not recognized as that, in a future not so distant playing poker professionally will be seen as a profession and have the same rights as other workers.

With the current financial worldwide crisis situation, poker can be faced as a solution to unemployment or even as an asset as part-time, this idea should not be cinsidered as an absurd as this because the methods so called "orthodox" of job search are no longer the same nowadays, in fact nothing is as "like it used to be" and in this time of changes as we are experiencing now, the commitment to innovation is the key to success.




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